Male Reproductive system 

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological drawing.


   I. Testis

( Q-1-a or b, NQ-1-c, HE)
Examine and identify:

Tunica albuginea

»»  Dense connective tissue
»»  Blood vessels ( tunica vasculosa )

Septula testis
Convoluted seminiferous tubules

»»  Basement membrane
»»  Spermatogonia
»»  Spermatocytes
     Secondary-rarely seen
»»  Spermatids
»»  Spermatoza
»»  Sertoli cells

  Interstitial tissue of testis

»»  Interstitial cells of Leydig ( Leydig cells )
»»  Other connective tissue cells
»»  Testicular artery, vein & capillary

   II. Rete testes 

Rete testis with anastomosing channel of simple squamous epithelium and C.T. in mediastinum

»»  Anastomosing channel with simple squamous 
     and cuboidal epithelium
»»  Mediastinal C.T. with vessels
»»  Septula testis with various sections
     of seminiferous tubules Interstitial tissue

   III. Sperm smear

( NQ-1-g, human)


»»  Spermatozoa with desquamated cells
»»  Seminal fluid with debris

   IV. Efferent tubules 

(NQ-1-f, NQ-2-a)
Tunica albuginea (C.T.) with blood vessels

Caput epididymidis

»»  Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with 
     stereocilia and semen in the lumen

Efferent ductules
Groups of cells

»»  Columnar ciliated cells
»»  Short nonciliated cells

Blood vessels

   V. Epididymis

( Q-2-a), NQ-2-a*, HE )
* May be a mistake of ductuli efferentes

»»  Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with stereocilia
        Tall columnar cells with stereocilia
        Basal cells
»»  Lumen - sperm ( spermatozoa & secretion )
»»  Blood vessels - well developed
»»  Connective tissue

   VI. Vas deferens

(NQ-3-c, HE )

Pseudostratified columnar epithelium

Tunica muscularis

»»  Inner longitudinal - thin
»»  Middle circular - well developed
»»  Outer longitudinal


»»  Blood vessels
»»  Nerves in connective tissue

   VII. Spermatic cord

(NQ-3-d, human)

»»  Vas deferens
»»  Testicular artery
»»  Testicular veins
»»  Lymphatic vessels
»»  Nerves and adipose tissue
»»  Cremaster muscle

   VIII. Seminal vesicle

( NQ-5-b, human)

Mucosal folds with chambers or crypts
Pseudostratified columnar or cuboidal epithelium

»»  Lamina propria with dense connective 
     tissue fiber (elastic fiber )

Tunica muscularis

»»  Inner circular
»»  Outer longitudinal

Adventitia with blood vessels, nerves and ganglia

   IX. Prostate

(NQ-6-c, older human, HE )

Branched tubuloalveolar glands

»»  Glandular alveoli
»»  Duct with simple cuboidal epithelium
»»  Smooth muscle layers & connective tissue
»»  Prominent prostate concretions in the lumen


   X. Penis

( NQ-7-a, human penis, cs ?)

Tunica albuginea

»»  Dorsal artery
»»  Adipose tissue
»»  Nerves

Two corpora cavernosa and septum

»»  Deep artery
»»  Cavernous space
        Smooth muscles

Corpus spongiosum (corpus cavernosum urethra)

»»  Transitional epithelium- may be in fetal:
     pseudostratified columnar epithelium in adult.