Endocrine System 

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological drawing.


   A) Thyroid gland

( NK-1-a, HE )
* parathyroid gland can found in NK-1-a

»»  Capsule
»»  Connective tissue septa
»»  Follicles
     Follicle cells-simple cuboidal epithelium
»»  Colloid-pink in color
»»  Interfollicular connective tissue with blood vessels
»»  Chief (principal) cells
»»  Oxyphil cells


   B) Pituitary Gland or Hypophysis

(NK-2-c, HE)
demonstration k-2-a, b, c
Anterior lobe, pars distalis

»»  Chromophobes-lightly stained
»»  Chromophils
     Acidophil ( A cells )-pink in cytoplasm
     Basophils ( B cells )-purple in cytoplasm

Posterior lobe ( Pars nervosa )

»»  Pituicytes
»»  Nonmyelinated nerve fibers
»»  Herring bodies ( pink in color )-a few or none
»»  Capillaries

Pars intermedia

»»  Follicles may be seen in some slide
»»  Basophilic cells in rows
»»  Rathke's pouch lumen

Infundibulum and third ventricle

Pars tuberalis

   C) Pineal gland ( Epiphysis cerebri )

( K-3-a, Monkey, HE )


»»  -larger, pale staining nuclei with distinct nucleoli

Glial cells

»»  - smaller, deep- staining nuclei

   D) Adrenal gland 

( NK-5-a, Human, CS )



»»  Zona glomerulosa
»»  Zona fasciculata - cytoplasm is vacuolated
»»  Zona reticularis 
     - cytoplasm mostly deeply stained or pigmented


»»  Chromaffian cells-not observed in HE stain
»»  Ganglion cells- can be found in some sections