The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological photograph. 

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological drawing.



Skin of palm and sole 

A-1-c, Skin of sole, Monkey, OsO4
NA-1-i, Caucasian and Negro, HE; 
NF-1-c, cs, HE


Stratum corneum

»»  dead scale-like cells without nuclei

Stratum lucidum

»»  flattened cells
»»  nuclei begin to degenerate

Stratum granulosum

»»  rhombic cells containing keratohyalin
»»  granules

Stratum Spinosum

»»  polyhedral prickle cells with numerous
»»  spinous processes

Stratum basale

»»  high columnar (cuboidal) cells 
     resting on a basement membrane

Ducts of sweat glands

Sweat pores


( Irregularly dense connective tissue )

Papillary layer: 
contain dermal papillae

»»  Vascular papillae - blood vessels
»»  Nervous papillae - Meissner's corpuscles
»»  Ducts of sweat glands

Reticular layer

»»  Bundles of collagenos fibers, fibroblasts
»»  Blood vessels, nerves
»»  Ducts of sweat glands

Hair follicle and sebaceous glands, arrector pili muscles


 ( the superficial fascia ): loose C.T.

»»  Fat cells ( Panniculus adiposus )
»»  Pacinian corpuscles ( NF-1-c )

»»  Secretory portion of sweat glands
»»  Sweat ducts

   Skin pigmentation

»»  melanin in basal epithelial was compared in NA-1-i
      melanocytes are difficult to identify

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  and NN-18-c


( M-1-o , HE )


»»  Stratum corneum
»»  Stratum spinosum
»»  Stratum basale
»»  Hair follicles



»»  Hair follicles
»»  Connective tissue sheath
»»  Epithelial root sheath
»»  Cuticle
»»  Arrector pili muscle
     smooth muscle fiber bundle
»»  Sebaceous glands
     Sebaceous cells
     Indifferent cells
     Ducts connected to lumen of hair follicles



Finger nail

NC-2-a, human, ls.

»»  Nail
»»  Nail bed
»»  Eponychium
»»  Hyponychium