Liver, gal bladder and pancreas 

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological photograph. 

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological drawing.



N-20-b, carmine stain 
N-20-j, silver impregnation

»»  Classical hepatic lobules
»»  Liver cell plates , in radial arrangement
»»  Hepatocytes , Liver cells
»»  Central veins
»»  Sinusoids
»»  Portal areas , triads
»»  Tributary of portal vein
»»  Branch of hepatic artery
»»  Branch of bile duct

* The meshwork of reticular fibers is stained black and bile canaliculi are visible between hepatocytes in silver-impregnated in N-20-j
* The glycogens is red particles in hepatocyte cytoplasm in N-20-b


   Gall bladder

NN-21-a, HE

Mucosa -- numerous fold

»»  Simple columnar epithelium
»»  Lamina propria

Muscular layer



N-19-b, HE
NN-19-b, Mallory 


»»  Exocrine part
     Pancreatic acini ( serous acini )
     Basophilic substances & round nucleus at cell base
     Purple zymogen granules are 
     prominent in apical cytoplasm 
»»  Centroacinar cells
     Intercalated ducts ( intralobular ducts )
     * No striated duct
»»  Endocrine part ( Islets of Langerhans )
     Endocrine cell cords
»»  Interlobular connective tissue