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   I. Blood smear preparation

(1) Obtain fresh blood by pricking the tip of the finger or the lobe of ear with a sterile lancet, having first cleaned the skin with 75% alcohol

(2) A small drop of blood shed from the puncture wound is placedabout 1 or 2 cm from one end of a grease-free slide (as blood slide)

(3) As blood film spread, another slide is held at an angle of about30-40 to the blood slide

(4) The spreading slide edge is then drawn backward until it touches the drop of blood

(5) Immediately the drop of blood spreads along the edge of the spreading slide, then push away from the drop of blood smoothly , evenly and quickly

(6) Smears are allowed to dry in the air before staining

(7) Blood smears are stained with Liu's stain as following procedures:

»»  1) Cover the smears with several drops of solution A
»»  2) After 30 seconds add solution B in the proportion of 2 parts of B to 1 part of A. Mix well by blowing the surface
»»  3) Leave for 90 seconds and then wash off the staining solution rapidly with the running tap water
»»  4) Examine with light microscope


   II. Constituents of Liu's stain:

Solution A:

»»  Methylene blue 0.5 gm
»»  Eosin yellow 1.7 gm 
»»  Methyl alcohol 1,000 ml 

Solution B:

»»  Azure 1.3 gm
»»  Methylene blue 1.4 gm
»»  Na2HPO4 23.38 gm
»»  KH2PO4 6.50 gm
»»  Dist.H2O 1,000 ml


   NA-6-a : Human blood smear, Wright stain