The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological photograph. 

The picture " " can link to it's
corresponding histological drawing.

A. Simple squamous epithelium  

(NA-1-f, Human female; unknown tissue)  
»»  Barr bodies: red dot at the edge of the nucleus

(NA-1-g, middle part, Kidney, HE;)

»»  Bowman's capsule (Renal cortex): Simple squamous epithelium

  B. Simple squamous and cuboidal epithelia 

(NA-1-g, middle part,Kidney, HE)

Renal medulla

»»  Collecting tubules: Simple cuboidal epithelium
»»  Capillary and thin segment of Henle's loop: Simple squamous epithelium

Renal cortex

»»  Bowman's capsule: Simple squamous epithelium


  C. Simple columnar epithelium 

(NA-1-g, lower part, small intestine, HE)


»»  Simple columnar epithelium lining lumen
Columnar cell
Goblet cells in intestine epithelium

Basement membrane

Terminal bar


  D. Stratified squamous epithelium 

Keratinized; A-1-C, Skin of sole, Monkey, HE
NA-1-i, Skin of Caucasian and Negro, HE

Epidermis of skin

»»  Observe the superficial layer (Stratum corneum) composed of pycnotic squamous cells
»»  *Compare the number of melanocyte in the deep layer
between the skin of Caucasian and Negro


»»  Hair follicle in NA-1-i


  E. Stratified squamous epithelium 

NA-1-g, upper part, Esophagus, HE


»»  Uncornified surface
Squamous cells in the superficial layer
Irregular polyhedral cells
Basement membrane


  F. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium 

(NA-1-g, upper part, Trachea, HE)

»»  Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with cilia
Columnar cell


  G. Stratified Columnar epithelium 

(NA-1-j, Salivary gland, HE)

Excretory duct
Salivary gland: serous acinus and adipose tissue

»»  Intralobular duct: Simple columnar epithelium
Interlobular duct: Pseudostratified to stratified lower columnar epithelium


  H. Transitional epithelium 

(NP-5-b, Monkey, Urinary bladder, HE)

Cuboidal cells

»»  Superficial layer: deeply stained pink color
»»  Deep layer: lightly pink color